More than €5 million for Innovation in Solar Thermal Energy

Nematia, which was accelerated by the Entrepreneurs Fund, is taking part in a business consortium that has received €5 million in funding from the European Commission to work on a project that aims to create new materials and architectures for solar thermal energy. The European Commission has awarded H2020 – IN POWER funding to a consortium of businesses whose participants include Nematia, which developed the Reflexis project, which was selected in the second call of Fundación Repsol’s Entrepreneurs Fund. The leaders of the project visited the office the Regional Government of Andalusia in Brussels (Belgium) to talk about the funding they…

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IN POWER Overview

The benefits of high efficiency concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) are well known: environmental protection, economic growth, job creation, energy security. Those technologies can only be applied properly in regions with annual mean radiation values higher than 1750 kWh/m2 per year. CSP has advantages in front of PV: possible 24h continuous electricity production, electricity and heat generation, heat for distributed in cogeneration plants. Within CSP, four technologies have been currently developed: parabolic trough collector (PTC), tower solar power, Stirling/ dish collector and linear Fresnel collector with its advance type named compact linear Fresnel collector. However for huge deployment,…

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Kick-off Meeting of IN POWER: Towards new Concentrated Solar Power Panels

BRUSSELS | 31/01/2017 On the 30th and 31st of January, the recently formed consortium of the IN POWER project developing new concentrated solar power architectures, met in Brussels for the kick-off meeting of the project. After an introduction to the project and a presentation by each partner, participants went through all work packages and presented the work plan for the upcoming months. This included discussions around the Levelized Cost of Electricty, the polymeric mirrors, the materials for thermal storage materials, novel coatings, and much more. The European Commission also participated in the meeting. Now, partners will work on the first…

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